What’s Red Bull up to next? WRC


Red Bull is going to be announced as the new promoter of the World Rally Championship, Autosport is reporting. Or it’s saying it “understands.”

Red Bull Media House — a bit of a mouthful, huh? — was one of three finalists to replace the previous promoter, who got kicked to the curb after its parents company went bankrupt.

The move would seem to solidify Red Bull’s position in major motor sports — does anyone still always have the itching suspicion that the Ferraris and McLarens of the world think Red Bull might just up and pull out of Formula 1? — but also give WRC a partner with pretty strong promotion credentials.

As proof, may I present Exhibit A: Negative Camber.

Autosport quotes Citroen boss Yves Matton, whose team is sponsored by Red Bull:

“I think [Red Bull] Media House promoting the championship would be a good thing, but it would be different from Red Bull, which is the team sponsor.

“When they do something, they do it properly and they don’t just want to make a good name with the promotion. If they choose to invest in the World Rally Championship then it’s because they want to make a proper job, otherwise they would not even attempt to do it.”

A few reactions:

My gut suggests there could be some married marketing between WRC and extreme sports; I know, not a big leap given Travis Pastrana’s role with Red Bull. But there certainly are some intriguing possibilities.

I’d also like to think that Red Bull sees the U.S. market as an important one, and that perhaps we’ll get more WRC here. I actually think rallying may have more potential than Formula 1 in America; there’s a rough and tumble, post-bootlegging feel to the cars navigating uneven road, slipping and sliding, jumping and skidding.

This seems only good for WRC. Thoughts?

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