What’s the Lowe down at Mercedes?

We noticed a story in Bild a couple days ago in which the paper suggests that McLaren’s Paddy Lowe could be moving to Mercedes. The 20-year veteran of the Woking-based racing team is said to be looking at the option and following Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda to the German team.

Before we cast stones at Bild, we must show deference to their crafty scoop-gathering abilities as Bild broke the Wolff-to-Mercedes story as well as the Timo Glock story and both were proven to be correct. In an effort to ensure I wasn’t pretending how to lace Google translations together in a cohesive statement, I sent to the link to our own Mark Hallam who lives in Bonn Germany and speaks the language fluently with cultural nuances. Mark’s assessment is that the Bild story suggests that Lowe applied for the role at Mercedes and not that it is a done deal.

Most of the mainstream media outlets have not picked the story up and perhaps with good reason as history has a way of making one a tad suspect of a news source but Sky Sports F1 did mention the article just as we’re doing now. Sky’s Messrs. Gill and Wise had a bit of a funny comment about Bild saying:

“the German newspaper which is in serious jeopardy of giving newspapers a reliable name.”

Aside from the truth of the story or not, what’s your opinion of the team Mercedes is attempting to put together? Some suggest that maybe legendary team boss Ross Brawn may be shown the door but new investor and motor sport boss, Toto Wolff, told the press in a teleconference Tuesday:

“There is speculation which is coming up in some of the media,” the 41-year-old said. “I think I would be aware of that. It’s all speculation. Ross is here as part of the leading team and I hope Ross is going to stay.”

It’s an interesting comment if the you consider the words “I hope he stays”. What does that mean? You hope? You invested a boat-load of cash in the team and joined as the motor sport boss and you “hope” Ross stays? I think I’d want to know that before investing wouldn’t you? I’m thinking the Merc board and Niki Lauda may be re-kindling the Austrian’s old tricks while he was at Jaguar. The draconian rule of the rat may be taking it’s toll but it must be said that so far, Niki’s only added heads and hasn’t started cutting them yet. The team is so top-heavy it’s amazing it’s still afloat.

Unless I’ve missed some critical story in the press, which is entirely possible, I am still unclear of where the heck Nick Fry is! He is supposed to be the team CEO and I am completely unclear on what his role is now with Toto and Niki there. This team reminds me, and I apologize for this, as the Detroit Red Wings…just out-spend your competition and buy the championship. They’ve thrown more money at this effort than Max Mosley has at a strip club and I am beginning to wonder what net effect this will have.

Lewis Hamilton recently commented about Mercedes dedication…I should say, the young man has a phalanx of people ready to see him win and I wonder if that’s possible without Ross Brawn?


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