When Los Angeles was racing’s innovation epicenter

A little detour for you all.

I just came across this series of online videos tracing Los Angeles’ rich history with car racing and innovation: Where They Raced.

Here’s the quick little synopsis of what they are up to:

Los Angeles is famous for its orange groves, bathing beauties, sunshine and Hollywood blockbusters. Long forgotten is that it was also home to more auto racing and innovation than anywhere else in the world.

With hundreds of vintage photos, lost archival footage and revealing interviews, WHERE THEY RACED is the documentary series that reunites the ghost tracks of Los Angeles with the cars that ran them and gets the families, historians and experts to tell the tales that give this history a victory lap by preserving these fading memories.

The first couple of episodes are up. More are to come. Might make for a fun few minutes for you racing/history buffs. And perhaps it will get Todd off my back for living in La-La Land.

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