When you’re at HRT, even Force India looks good

Karun Chandhok says he’d love to drive for Force India one day, and he makes a compelling dollars argument for why he might be a good addition to the team.

Autosport has the talk:

Chandhok said: “Do they [potential Indian business sponsors] back an Indian driver who will clearly have more support from the public and clearly is getting more media attention but unfortunately at the moment is being at the back of the grid? Or do they back an Indian team without any Indian influence apart from the name but who is further up the grid?

“I think because of that, sponsors are sitting on the fence on both counts. They don’t want to commit to either of us, look at what is on our cars – Vijay [Mallya] has his own companies and mine has Brazilian companies.

“I would love to drive for Force India at some point in my career, whether next year or not. I think I am in some ways an ambassador for the sport in my country – and to have an Indian driver in an Indian car at the Indian Grand Prix, it is a no brainer in terms of ticket sales.”

It’s difficult to tell from the picture that accompanies the story whether Bernie Ecclestone was anywhere around feeding Chandhok lines.

You also can add Chandhok to the list of drivers who will be using a new chassis this weekend. Looks like his old won was a bit busted by that Trulli torpedo in Monaco.

You’ve got to figure that switch hit HRT where it hurts.

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