When you’re Schumacher, you don’t get penalties

Michael Schumacher has been cleared by the Canadian race stewards for his bump with former best racing friend Felipe Massa.

Autosport seems among the first to be reporting the news. There isn’t even anything at the FIA or official F1 sites.

To say the former seven-time world champion had an eventful race would be a major understatement. He pitted for new tires about 700 times, it seemed, cut several chicanes, battled with Toro Rosso cars and the Force India team (finally being passed by both in the closing moments to lose out on any points) and kept Massa from getting past him by blocking/break checking/doing nothing wrong. Take your pick.

The stewards — with the former driver advisory spot being filled by Emerson Fittipaldi — chose the latter. It was fine. Keep racing, Michael!

Of course, we maybe can begin asking again just how long the Schumacher experiment is going to go on. With more than a handful of race wins at the Montreal circuit, this seemed a track he might do well at. But he didn’t even outperform team mate Nico Rosberg.

So: Is it time for him to be thinking about coming up with a reason to bag out on his return? And did the stewards make the right decision?

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