Where Haas Guenther gone? | Podcast Ep 871

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Join Grace and me as we discuss the departure of Haas F1’s Gunther Steiner, new boss Komatsu, beer and fake PR women using AI.

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    • Haas’ performance in Formula One has been consistently poor, with only one season finishing in fifth place.
    • The team’s relationship with Ferrari and the reliance on listed parts from Delara may be contributing factors to their lack of success.
    • Investment in infrastructure and technical capabilities is crucial for improving performance in Formula One.
    • The decision to part ways with Gunther Steiner and introduce a new team boss reflects Gene Haas’ desire for change and improvement.
    • Success in Formula One requires a combination of technical expertise, investment, and strong leadership. The future of Gunter Steiner is uncertain, with speculation about his potential role in the broadcasting industry.
    • Estrella Galicia has left Ferrari and returned to McLaren, a move that has been praised as a smart decision by Zach Brown.
    • The use of an AI spokesperson by Mahindra Racing faced backlash on social media, with criticism of the decision to create a fake person and the choice to make it a woman.
    • The debate on the use of AI in motorsport marketing and branding continues, with questions about authenticity and the impact on fan engagement.
    • Shopping for MotoGP merchandise can be challenging, with limited options and confusing size charts.
    • There are lower expectations for US F1 drivers compared to drivers from other countries.
    • The story of an F1 heiress who lost everything and ended up on government benefits highlights the challenges faced by individuals in the sport.
    • Ottmar Szafnauer continues to face criticism, raising questions about his leadership and decision-making.


00:00Introduction and Cold Weather
03:08Gene Haas Parts Ways with Gunther Steiner
06:03Haas’ Performance in Formula One
09:15Investment in Infrastructure
13:02Comparison with Other Teams
17:06Reaction to Gene Haas’ Decision
20:26Introduction of New Team Boss
22:17Delara’s Role in Haas’ Performance
25:07Transition to Technical Focus
28:33KPIs and Investment
31:12Gene Haas’ Decision to Stay in F1
32:46Gunther Steiner’s Reaction
33:06Gunter Steiner’s Future
36:31Estrella Galicia Returns to McLaren
40:08AI Spokesperson Backlash
48:35Debate on AI in Motorsport Marketing
55:07Merchandise Shopping for MotoGP
59:49Expectations for US F1 Drivers
01:00:25From F1 Heiress to Rejection
01:02:16Continued Criticism of Ottmar Szafnauer
01:03:45Supporting the Podcast
01:04:14Interacting with Patreon Supporters
01:05:09Encouraging Engagement and Subscriptions
01:05:38Closing Remarks
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Didn’t digital company reps work well for Samsung?

Xean Drury

Firstly, yes, Raddlers are awesome. Great sippin’ drink.
Secondly, credit where credit is due Todd, how long have I been saying Dallara is the issue with Haas? Glad you’ve finally come around ^-^
As a POV, I’ve noticed Crew Et All have continuously stated (well especially Grace) that Gene should sell. Has been saying it for years. Yet other teams dredging at the bottom seem to escape her wrath. What she got against poor Old Man Gene? She wasn’t saying Caterham should sell, or Marussia, or Williams when it was tanking.