Where’s the Kimi-to-Ferrari stuff coming from?

So what’s all this talk of Kimi Raikkonen going to Ferrari? A Finnish newspaper ran a blurb about it (and perhaps Google translation plays a role in determining speculation from reality) but When you consider Ferrari’s warning to Massa last week and former Lotus man, James Allison, signing on with the Italian team, you could see where the dots start to get connected.

According to the terrific Andrew Benson over at the BBC, the team says…nope. Here’s Andrew’s quote:

“Right now, we’re really not giving any thought to the driver-market situation,” said a Ferrari spokesman.

“That is our priority,” he said. “Drivers are not a problem for us even if we were to change Felipe.”

We mentioned it several weeks ago when the rumor of Allison heading to Ferrari popped up. We wondered if the delay in any Red Bull announcements meant that the Finn had chosen to look around a bit and perhaps Ferrari feel that he might be a guy to re-hire. Ferrari paid him to go away so they could secure the talents of Fernando Alonso but I have to think that Kimi’s approach to everything but driving the car might have rubbed Ferrari the wrong way.

Ferrari have a history of making moves such as this as Michael Schumacher was jettisoned to make room for Kimi and then Raikkonen for Alonso. Oddly, the guy who has survived all of Ferrari’s recent driver firings has been Felipe Massa and he hasn’t been on song since his head injury back in 2009.

Hungary’s rumor mill said that Alonso’s management were speaking with red Bull and that also added fuel to the rumor bonfire as to a possible return to Ferrari for Kimi. then there was the odd statement by Kimi himself in which he said that people might find his choice odd but he will be behind whatever team he goes to 100%. That sounded a bit strange.

Would it be odd to leave Lotus F1 for Red Bull? Not really. Would it be odd to stay at Lotus F1? No, that wouldn’t be odd. Would it be odd to leave Lotus F1 to return to Ferrari? Yes, that would be unexpected. So if we’re parsing words, a possible Ferrari return could be what he meant? You be the judge.

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