Whitmarsh: blame tires, not F1

On one side of the argument McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh is usually quick to rub Formula One fans noses in their own poop. When asked by FOTA and formula One MAnagement what they wanted from the series, apparently a throng of you rushed to fill out the survey to demand more passing and NASCAR-style entertainment. Not sure why you wanted that but there it is.

When things don’t go well in F1, Whitmarsh will usually elude to those fan voices and suggest that they are merely providing what “we” asked for. Now it seems that Martin has softened a bit and started becoming an expert in F1 apologetics:

“We can always make it better, and I hate it when drivers are out there and you know they are driving at nine tenths,” he said. “That is not how I like F1.

“But the overall fact is that if you had done a straw poll around here [on who would win, before the race] we would have got six or seven answers. So that is good for the sport.

“Please, because I love F1, let’s not write how bad F1 is. In F1, we do it for ourselves, we start saying ‘this is terrible’, and actually the show is not bad.

“I would rather have more durable tyres, but the show we have had for the last two or three years has been better than anything I have seen in 25 years of the sport.

“So all I ask is not get into complaining about F1. Complain about the tyres if you want, but not F1.”

In this case, Martin has thrown Pirelli to the wolves and defended the honor of Formula One which will certainly keep him in good graces with ARticle 151C of the sporting code. The unfortunate part fo this argument is, F1 is asking Pirelli to make these tires so in short, it is F1’s fault we have a nonsensical tire situation.

Pirelli would rather make a tire that is grippy and last for the entire race but that isn’t what F1 wanted and even if Martin does rub our nose in our own “more passing!” poop, the fact is, no survey asked if we’d like to go racing with qualifying tires. That was a cock up that was adapted to “spice up the show”.

I’d also argue that the racing we’ve had in the last two years is not as exciting as some of the races I’ve seen over the last 25 years… sorry Martin  that simply isn’t the case. In fact, the Raikkonen and Hamilton championships were fabulous and did not have these tires or DRS and were down to one point. That was more exciting that 3 different winners in three different races.

Maybe one day F1 will ask me to fill out a survey instead?

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