Whitmarsh Defends Ron Dennis

In a statement to Autosport.com, Martin Whitmarsh has defended Ron Dennis and calls current rumors of Ron’s dismissal rubbish.

While Martin is quick to suggest that Ron has the support of all the stockholders of McLaren, he points out the structure of McLaren to point out what I have made clear previously. They can’t fire Ron, he is an owner. What Martin also does is leave the door wide open with explaining that Ron is currently holding three official positions and this tells me that he is going to step away from one or more of them. My hunch is the Team Principle or CEO role.

“Ron is fully supported by all our shareholders, all our management, and all who work for our team and our company. He currently has three roles: Chairman, McLaren Group; Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Group; Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

“It therefore follows that it is for Ron to decide when and if he should step down, step away, step back, or whatever.”

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