Whitmarsh: KERS eulogy

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren team boss, has given his opinion on why KERS failed in F1. Explaining to Autosport his impression on why KERS failed and what it means to McLaren, Mr. Whitmarsh is very candid about the reasons and even more candid about how its introduction into F1 actually caused some of McLaren’s pain this season in the performance area. Check out the story here.

Interesting is that Mr. Whitmarsh feels this was a grand distraction for McLaren as they were focused on KERS and it cost them resources and energy that otherwise would ahve been spent on things like…oh, say…a diffuser?

“We were behind on the development of the overall aero concept, and we have put a lot of effort into KERS because F1 was committing to it. Looking back we could have made some different decisions, but that is how hindsight works.”

But as F1B has said from the beginning, this is a clear example of Max’s pragmatic black hole that actually costs the teams more money and he has the wherewithal to scold the teams on how much they spend.

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