Who needs Honda anyway?

Earlier this week, Bernie Ecclestone said:

“It’s a big shame for Honda because I have no doubt that that team would have be running in the top four next year, without any problem,” he told the BBC. “They have been working hard and have spent a lot of money to put themselves in that position. If anyone does want to be in Formula One, this is a team they should certainly look to buy.

“It’s a big opportunity the way things are at the moment, for any company that is run efficiently to benefit.”

And a today he said:

“Honda will be no great loss,” Ecclestone told British newspaper Telegraph on Thursday. “Just look at where they finished in the championship – ninth. They wasted millions and were a bad example to other teams.

“Now they’ve gone, we’ve got a chance to bring in some sense to the teams about how much they should spend. I’m keen for the team to be kept in place. We have whittled it down to three serious potential buyers.”

The time frame at which the Honda exit and financial crunch is hitting F1 has prevented Bernie from the usual smoke-screen of a few weeks between statements. As such, his dual nature and “Ecclespeak” is exposed as the raw and dismissive type of PR that we have come to expect and love from our Uncle Bernie. So which is it Bernie? One of the few guys I know who can make complete sour-grapes type statements and get away with it.

Now we all may have been thinking this at some level but ultimately it can’t be good to have 18 cars on the grid irrespective of what Bernie says. Here is hoping a buyer will be found so Bernie’s first statement can be realized…otherwise we’ll all be saying good riddance..who needed Honda anyway??

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