Much (or little) has been made of the eventual exit of Michael Schumacher from motorpsorts top echelon. Articles have been written and true to form, the Brute-ish press (read British press) has kept the Schumacher farewell tour sequestered to mother Deutschland and surrounding communities. I recall few farewell articles oozing from the Prim pomp of myriad Englander’s officially licensed MS Word that didn’t have a go at Michael Schumacher’s on and off track antics from JV / Hill collisions to Monaco parking lots. There were the occasional admirations of broken records and feats of driving that betrayed physics but few were cast without the lead sinker of derision bringing all accomplishments to the bottom of the pond in search of the bottom feeders called “his fans”.

The farewell was darn near posthumous by all measure and yet the 7-time world champ is very much alive and well. Kleenex broke no sales records in the UK on the day of Michael Schumacher’s retirement and I can assume that Michael Schumacher had the last laugh as his image garnered millions for the Brute-ish Press who ladled vitriol on this enigmatic driver who crushed the very core of F1’s nuclear reactor to create a series like no other on earth. His face and persona was certainly good enough to grace, seemingly, every other cover of Matt Bishop’s terrific rag, F1 Magazine. Much to Mr. Bishop’s chagrin and never without the proverbial black animadversion that flows from his pen like polliwogs. Yes, even the proverbial King George of F1 (read Michael Schumacher) has his redeeming value to the Brute-ish Press. Pounds, dollars, schillings or pence. Fortunes were made on this pariah called Schumacher and yet he is not fitting of a formal farewell and thank you for his contributions to the sport, the world and his fans. He is mentioned as a champion with accompanying asterisk of course. *Loser and cheater.

This year has provided a close championship and many are asking Michael Schumacher who? Michael Schumacher who indeed. Lewis is here in case you hadn’t noticed and Alonso rides the wave of obscurity as a chump who lucked into two world championships because Lewis had not entered the sport yet. Alonso should be thanking Lewis for his grace of not entering F1 prior to this year. Jenson may very well be retiring soon and DC is as good as pushing up daisies to the Brute-ish Press now that the Rookie Phenom Lewis has arrived.

Lewis was supposed to win Monaco and will win the World Championship if the Brute-ish Press has anything to say about it. They are willing to get litigious with the FIA if Lewis does not perform to their expectations (I applaud the recent FIA ruling on the McLaren tactics in Monaco).

Where am I going with this? Right here. I suggest that while you are throwing away your D-Vag hats in favor of the goofy Lewis hat and sweeping the Michael Schumacher era under the rug; this man who galvanized the sport is actually leaving a bigger impact on F1 with his retirement than many know or mention. So desperate are we for a new hero that we’ve heaped an insurmountable amount of pressure, praise, expectations and threats upon a young man who appears to be a real champion in the making. Lewis really does look to be a terrific driver and ambassador of the sport but he is not Schumacher nor can he, in 5 or 6 races, even begin to fill the shoes that Michael Schumacher has left behind. Michael’s trophy room is bigger than Lewis’s soon-to-be-acquired flat in Monaco. When Lewis knocks on the door of 7 titles and re-writes F1 history; we shall all celebrate this amazing young mans contributions. Until then, son, prove it. Bring me the head of Fernando Alonso, Massa, Kimi or any other young driver that dares raise his head. Win a race stuck in 5th gear and master every facet of the sport. I’ll be as outrageous, bombastic and over the top as the Brute-ish Press when all that happens.

No, friends, I really feel that Michael has left a massive void in the sport and Lewis-mania is the way it has manifest itself in F1. I feel sorry for Lewis and scold the Brute-ish Press for their behavior. Not only are they feeling the lack of Schumacher in the sport but they are also wetting themselves that the next Champ could be British. I agree that this is terrific for British Motorsport as we have Scott Speed and while he’s doing a good job; let’s be realistic. I would love nothing more for the British to bring the World Championship home where it belongs. But while we guffaw that losing Michael Schumacher has had no effect on this terrific sport and the battle we are looking forward to; I think we are all kidding ourselves.

In my opinion the loss of Michael Schumacher is the reason this championship is so even and the nauseating force feeding of the Rookie Phenom has become unbearable. Lewis is indeed a terrific story but there are 22 stories on the grid that are equally riveting. I think the rise of oft-errant Massa is astounding. The Brazilian coming to grips with his temperament and handing the grid their arses is terrific. Kimi’s ghost of Christmas failure that follows like a lump of coal wherever he goes. Alonso’s departure leaving Renault in an also-ran position and raising the McLaren team to new and exciting levels. The stories are terrific. But we hear about Lewis and the victories before the races have even been run. The Championship he deserves. Deserves? What does he deserve? In F1, as Michael Schumacher showed us for better or for worse, you earn it; nothing is deserved. I suspect the defibrillator business will be in full swing in the Brute-ish Press when Massa or Alonso wins the World Championship this year. Those defibrillators will probably have been made in Germany; Kerpen Germany to be exact and in designer red.

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Quite a few people actually including many people who I have asked who were never his fans in the 1st place


Herr Schumi never won a race whilst stuck in 5th gear. Though he did finish second to Damon HIll in Spain 1994 whilst thusly encumbered.