Who should Audi buy? | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 781

Join Grace and me as we discuss Porsche and Audi in Formula 1. Who would Audi buy and why? Would Sauber sell? What about another option in Alpha Tauri? We discuss all that and more.

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Xean Drury

My god that was such a funny episode! ~X8

Neil Clarke

With regards to removing paint to make the cars lighter, if you take a look at the History of Mercedes in F1, their cars were originally white, but while trying to get faster times at a race, they stripped the paint off back to the Silver of the metal shell to make the car lighter and faster. this is also apparently where the Silver Arrow’s name came from.

Xean Drury

Thinking about paint, there is a recent trend of teams to go matte. Though using a textured coat is prohibited in F1, I do wonder if they’re finding some kind of slight gain from matte vs gloss. ~X8


When I went the to AUS GP, on the Friday night I attended ‘An evening with Joe Saward’ basically a Q&A, great night with lots of amazing stories. Anyway, he was suggesting that Audi are going for McLaren.


As always great podcast and interesting Audi/Porsche discussion.

And yes, you Americans butcher German names :-)
… Diess … “ie” is like a “ee” in English, like in “deep”. The other way around “ei” would be then like “Einstein”.

Anyways, I am also curious what will actually happen. VW is a huge company with a powerful board and 2026 is still far away. Diess clearly wants this, but it only needs a shift in power and he is out as CEO and then who knows what the next person thinks about F1.


Yo may remember Todd, I wrote back in 2009 or so that the only way for F1 to continue was to do what the NFL did – get their own film crew and broadcast weekly the events of the past week in slo-mo, detail, and cinematic brilliance. Netflix has done that…
Problem? Netflix is the Blockbuster of streaming… I would be surprised if one of the mainline TV channels don’t buy them when they slip further.


Sportiest… Porsche… well, possibly because of their rally experience and road racing experience. Ferrari is the Raciest, no doubt. Audi (quatro) is a rally hero but never road racing. There is no doubt that the modern engine development is driving this need to look at F1–coupled with F1 public exposure–it may be effectively a way forward but there’s a world-wide transition to electric cars (remember MD boss saying electricity will be 3cents per KwHr by 2030) and Porsche makes more sense (luxury toys for boys) than Audi (making people movers). Why now with this statement? Like the Alito leak, it… Read more »