Who took a fussy pill?

Wow. I was reading a few stories and listening to some podcasts this week regarding the new car launches and testing. While most are excited and covering the events in a straight forward manner, some have really left me cold.


I am not sure I can recall hearing and reading such a misery ship of bitter, disgruntled “journalists” drone on and on about how bad the cars look and how testing doesn’t tell us crap and how the teams don’t have money except for McLaren and Ferrari and why Schumacher back is a very bad thing and how the same old circus is generating the same old tripe. Honestly? Might I suggest finding a new line of work? Sounds like you’ve become jaded bordering on a curmudgeon.

Car colors aren’t to everyone’s cup of tea or testing times may not provide the clairvoyance we all seem to wax poetic about nor are the new teams ripe with cash and free catering for media at every event but it has been a long time since we’ve had this much excitement leading in to a season…and we didn’t need gold medals or short cuts to do it.

We may, just possibly, have four teams capable of winning grands prix this year. That’s a potential of eight drivers dicing it up at the sharp end of the grid! Will that come to fruition? Maybe not but the pretentious notion that fans should be beyond the build-up and excitement of F1 betrays the very notion of F1-come-February and really just makes you look like a grumpy bastard who are missing the lobster bisque formerly served at McLaren.

It’s February and F1 is getting the engine starter out! The cars are out, bad colors and all, and the teams are jockeying for position in testing. Trying to determine the possible messages that testing can tell us, speculation on performance, dual diffuser dynamics, driver dynamics, who will show up on the grid, how will the veteran do against the young guys, how will team rivalries play out, who will win the title and can Stefan GP actually make it to the grid. That’s just a few of the story lines for 2010!

Will the British reign again or can Ferrari and new the Spaniard hold off the veteran for the tile? Can the young German show the world that Newey-designed cars can and will become the new “top team”? What about USF1? Are they a reality? Can Campos actually survive? Will the no refueling rule play a massive role in the title hunt? How many story lines can we discuss in the build up to the season?

You see, it is F1. As journalists, I use that term for those who are genuinely excited about their job and the sport they report on, are the vehicles by which the fans gain access to the F1 world. Let’s face it; F1 hasn’t got that message yet on how to include fans in their sport so journalists it is. The day F1 figures that out, there will be even more “journalists” out of a job…unfortunately. Perhaps they could start by setting the grumpy bastards out to pasture?

For the rest of us, it could be a very exciting year. One has to go back to the 80’s to find a year where the talent was so thick you couldn’t swing a Chelsea-loft bum paddle without hitting a major talent on the grid. The cars, while suffering the ill-effects of the former FIA regime regulations, have made the best of it and are perfecting the 2009 car. I use the term perfecting but perhaps I should suggest evolving instead.

FOTA have released another survey to tell them what they already know and the FOM has saved its own neck until 2012. The season could be epic or it could be pedestrian. Either way…it’s F1! The sport we love and the reason we read and watch and listen. It is fair to say that I choose to not read or listen to the grumpy bastards anymore and would suggest they flush the grumpy pills down the toilet lest they render themselves irrelevant and out of touch with a fan base that is energized and excited about another year, good or bad, of F1. Because it is F1 and that, in and of itself, is the reason we love it.

Arrogant? Maybe but I submit that it takes a more arrogant, narcissistic, self-absorbed fussy Gus to stand on the periphery and shoot arrows and a sport that puts food on his/her table. I’m just bereft of the logic that would prompt that kind of attitude for ones job and sport.

Me? I’m damned excited and while I don’t like all the liveries, rules, speculation and conjecture…it sure adds to the fun and fashions an F1 penumbra by which we all live and cheer. In the end, it provides us with terrific opinion and that’s what F1B is all about.

Maybe I’m a simpleton. Maybe I am a dullard who can’t see the hype machine working its marketing voodoo on me and I can’t remove myself to see the real evil in the machine. Maybe I haven’t pounded the pavement for 30 years with steno and pencil covering the sport and getting shat on in the process. Maybe if I was that guy, I’d be bitching too. Good thing I’m not that guy and good thing this isn’t that kind of website huh?

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