Who will a FRIC ban hurt the most?

As fans attempt to reconcile the reasons for the FIA’s recent threat of banning the FRIC system suspensions that many team use in Formula 1, McLaren’s Eric Boullier has shed a little more light on the obvious question—how will this impact the car’s performance. Boullier told AUTOSPORT (who broke the story):

“In the case of McLaren, we are quite relaxed,” said Boullier. “We don’t see any issue with this for us.

“I don’t think it will be too much disturbance for the rest of the season.

“We don’t like it when there is a technical change in the season, but maybe there is a reason why the FIA wants to do it.

“Maybe a couple of teams have been extreme and could potentially maybe be in trouble to switch back to a non-connected system, but for most teams I think it won’t be a game-changer.”

In essence, if you were looking to reduce the competitive advantage of Mercedes, this could be the way to do it if Boullier is correct in how aggressive the FRIC system is on the Mercedes car and what impact it may have versus other teams.

This prompts the question—is Mercedes the team that is pushing the technology beyond legality? If so, then a ban on their system would be understandable but it could also have serious impact. Fans will see this from different perspectives. Some may feel closing the competitive gap by banning the FRIC system that Mercedes rely on heavily is a good thing while others may feel it is a low blow to a team who got it right in favor of just manipulating the outcome of the season to increase TV ratings. Others won’t care one way or another.

How do you see it? I may be wrong here but if it is well known that Mercedes has the most trick system then one could presume it will impact them the most.

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