Who’s counting Lewis out? I’m not and neither is Horner

As we head into the final four races of the season, I’ll be honest with you and say that while some may be suggesting the title is as good as won by Nico Rosberg, I’m not one to write off Lewis Hamilton. We’ve seen how quick things can turn in Formula 1 and even within Mercedes.

While I think Nico has been driving very well of late and seems to be a man who is focused on the prize, the engines are older, the race unpredictable and one DNF turns things completely around. I tend to agree with Red Bull’s Christian Horner who said:

“In any sport you see sportsmen get on the crest of a wave and everything falls right for them, and it’s going Nico’s way at the moment.

“Lewis has had quite a few tough weekends this year, but he’ll brush himself down and will fight back.

“He only needs that sniff of something – a DNF [did not finish] from Nico and a win from Lewis and he’s right back in the game again, so things can change very quickly.

“We saw it with Kimi [Raikkonen] when he stole the championship from under the noses of Lewis and Fernando [Alonso] in 2007.

“There are still 100 points available in this championship and it would be a foolish person to rule him out at this stage.”

He’s spot on and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff even said that Lewis likes to hunt, the enemy, the thrill of battling for the win. I think this is Lewis’s biggest motivation but that’s if he can avoid getting in his own way. Many times I’ve argued that the person most likely to beat Lewis, is Lewis. When he’s on, he’s on and it depends on if he comes to Austin with the desire to win and pressure his teammate to the very end.

If Lewis wins the remaining four races, Nico can finish second and still win. It’s that finishing second that seems completely achievable for Nico but a blown engine, brakes, gearbox change…anything can turn this around. It is far from over but should it end with Nico on top, he’ll be a very deserving champion in my book—just like Lewis has been for the last two seasons.


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Paul KieferJr

While it may not be over yet, you have to admit that things do look dire. While it’s certainly possible that Rosberg could suffer a DNF (and did back in Malaysia), the frequency of the occurrence suggests that this is unlikely. I’d rather make the safe bet, even if it does come up snake-eyes in that rare moment.


I think that Horner is playing mind games (which he is very adept at doing) with his little speech and he is reminding Nico that Louis is still a formidable opponent who can never be written off regardless of the points position. While there is still a mathematical possibility that Louis can win the title, Horner thinks that Nico needs to be reminded of this as often as possible, after all, mistakes from Nico may present an opportunity for one of his own drivers to score a win. As for Toto, he is doing what any good team manager would… Read more »


It doesn’t matter who counts Hamilton in or out. WDC is out of Hamilton’s reach, and he can only count on Rosberg’s DNF or lower than P2 finishes. Put it differently, Rosberg has to stay out of trouble, and he wins.

3x P2 and 1x P3 race finish (or better) for Rosberg will get him WDC, and Hamilton cannot do anything about it.

Ed. Sorry, I haven’t read the other post, which states the same maths.


When Hamilton won four races in a row during the summer, Rosberg only came second once, third once and fourth twice. It isn’t over yet. Red Bull are closer now than earlier in the year, and Ferrari may have a race where they don’t shoot themselves in the foot.
If Hamilton can get off the line he is probably still better in wheel to wheel racing than Rosberg.

Whoever wins the title will be a deserving champion.


It’s over! No need to hype up the remaining races. No need to paint Rosberg as some kind of hero. In the terms of pace, Hamilton and Rosberg are equal. But the only reason Rosberg is going to win is because of poor reliability for car 44. Not many will admit it because they feel it diminishes Rosberg or its impolite. Its the truth but I would say Rosberg is still deserving of the title even though it was handed to him. Poor reliability neutered Hamilton’s only advantage over Rosberg, which is relentless race pace and the ability to pass… Read more »