Whose dad is going to buy Force India?

Photo by: www.kymillman.com/f1

Lance Stroll’s dad, Lawrence, Indycar owner Michael Andretti and Alexander Rossi’s dad, Nikita Mazepin’s dad, Dmitry, and surely someone at rich Energy is a dad too? What’s with all the wealthy dad’s lining up to buy Force India for their kids?

In a recent article at Autosport, Rich Energy’s, William Storey, says they had engaged Force India earlier this year and offered 30 million Pounds but the deal didn’t go through at the 11th hour as it was sent to administration. Rich energy called it a Machiavellian move but says they still have the cash to buy the team even though their balance sheet doesn’t suggest a bloated, cash-rich company as it is a new company in the market. Never mind that, says Storey, the liquidity behind the company is significant.

I would say it had better be because if he’s upset his 30 million didn’t secure a deal, I have bad news—thirty million Pounds isn’t enough to make a long-term solution for a team. I recall when Haas F1 entered, Bernie Ecclestone said that any realistic offer needed to have close to a billion behind it for the long haul. Now, let’s take that with a grain of salt, it’s Bernie, but to be honest, that’s probably not far off if you consider the amount the top teams spend.

The article says that Rich Energy has to convince the administration and creditors, such as Mercedes, that it is more credible than the other potential buyers. Makes me think Mercedes is the single biggest creditor but I have no way of knowing that. Still, I think we will all be very interested in the eventual outcome and it would not surprise me in the least if Mercedes has some skin in the game but I could be completely wrong on that.

I noticed Lance Stroll skipping around the Williams motorhome during Ted Kravitz’s Notebook video and he looked like a kid whose dad just bought him a Formula 1 team but who knows? Maybe a Russian billionaire or Rich Energy will find a pile of cash.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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that 30 million pounds has to be WAY off the mark. That is F1 chicken feed. Daddy paid that much to Williams to give Lance a seat this year. Even if its in receivership Force India will sell for a helluva lot more than that.


Mercedes is not the single biggest creditor…Vijay Mallya is through the Orange India holding company in Luxembourg …


I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of Andretti buying Force India. Sure, I would love to have one of the greatest American (or perhaps Italian-American) names in open-wheel racing on a Formula 1 car, but considering the likely chip that team owner would have on his shoulder towards F1 I would worry if they would be entering the sport with the right attitude. But then again, perhaps buying a team that punches above its weight like Force India would be the best way Andretti Automotive could enter. And it would make for a really tasty battle for… Read more »


Whatcha gonna do, Daddy? Brown Shoes Don’t Make It.


My dad is on the short list to buy Force India.


Looking forward to seeing you back on the grid next year Nige.
Your Dad will need a few extra $$$’s to get your (Red) 5 number off Kimi ;-)