Why Alonso will benefit most from rain in Brazilian GP

Analyzing GP weekends affected by rain (either influencing qualifying outcomes on
Saturday – as at Silverstone or Hockenheim, where Alonso qualified on pole) or on
Sunday in Malaysia when the race was run in wet conditions, provides a baseline dataset
to assess the relative achievements of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in adverse
weather conditions.

Using this dataset, Alonso’s race record from weekends impacted by rain is two wins and
one second place. Comparing wet and dry average points scores for top three drivers in
the championship shows that Alonso scores close to twice the number of points per wetaffected
weekends (1.89) while Sebastian Vettel has only scored half as many points in
the wet-affected weekends as he does over the course of weekends unaffected by
weather (0.54). Raikkonen – who is out of the championship race but nevertheless may
influence the outcome – scores almost the same points whether it is wet or dry weekend
with a comparative ratio of 1.09.

Our friends at Compelo have done the calculations for us:

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