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As we mentioned in our latest podcast, we’ve seen at least three intra-team battles this season so far with three distinctly different reactions from the teams. Mercedes, Red Bull and now McLaren.

Mercedes boss Ross Brawn told Nico Rosberg, with clarity, that he will hold station and that is exactly what he did. Red Bull nudged Sebastian Vettel byt saying it was “silly” to fight Webber but that didn’t stop the three-time champ from passing his teammate and ignoring team orders. Then was had Sergio Perez banging wheels with teammate Jenson Button due to the immense pressure he was under to actually perform. Team boss Martin Whitmarsh said nothing.

After the race, Whitmarsh said Perez was a little aggressive but he wasn’t going to tell him to calm down. What is interesting is the actions that Jenson Button, a veteran of Formula One, has done to help the situation. He met with Perez for a chat to clear the air:

“Important chat yesterday with Checo Perez to clear the air,” Button said on Twitter. “As a team we will move forward and live to fight another day. Roll on Barcelona.”

If you listened to my interview with former McLaren mechanic, Marc Priestley, you’ll know that how a team reacts to these situations is critical and I must say that Jenson’s actions go a long way to settling down what otherwise could become a big issue such as they witnessed back when Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were battling internally.

Jenson is a cool bloke and good on him for clearing this up. McLaren have enough issues with the car and don’t need driver drama right now.

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