Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead

My friend Jason Fenske did a very nice video in his series about EV vs ICE cars. As usual, Jason explains it much better than I do but this is exactly the point I was making in my recent editorials about the issue.

There are very good reasons for continuing the evolution of the internal combustion engine to make the more efficient and in Formula 1 terms, very good reasons to restrict fuel and still require 800bhp. This innovation arc will create even more efficient engines and what better place than F1 to rapid prototype these designs?

Jason has a terrific channel if you’ve not seen his work and he is a delightful guy. I met him doing some work with Shell and he’s a really good guy with a great way of explaining engineering.

The point that he makes, and I tried to make by showing the scale of the issue in my recent editorial, is that the energy density of a gallon of petrol is so far beyond that of today’s best battery. As I said, we’re not to bad at creating energy but not nearly as good in storing it. Jason makes that visually very easy to understand. Enjoy.


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