Why Hamilton leaving McLaren could be a good thing

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You may have caught our exclusive interview with legendary designer Gary Anderson at the USGP in AUstin and if you are a keen observer of BBC Sport’s F1 coverage, you’ll know that Gary is a staple item there as well. Anderson is an astute observer of Formula One and it was interesting to read his latest thoughts on the final race in Brazil as well as the teams and driver for 2012. An interesting note that I thought might be worth discussing is the Lewis Hamilton and McLaren saga.

There is little question that Lewis’s leaving McLaren has been a blow to everyone but Lewis and Mercedes. Hamilton has many fans and most would like to see the British driver stay with the Woking-based team that fostered his entire career since childhood. However, for those left holding their breath, Gary Anderson says that Hamilton’s leaving may just be a good thing for the team:

“McLaren have lost their strongest asset in Hamilton but Button proved in 2009 that if you give him a car he likes he’s a rocket ship and now they only have one driver to listen to.

For the last three years they had two – but Button and Hamilton drive their cars differently, and you have to believe in one driver to follow a development direction. So in some ways Hamilton leaving might help.”

It’s an interesting thought but one that has played out time and time again. Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Alonso, Vettel and perhaps…Button? Jenson had no trouble winning a title when his car is on song and McLaren, for my money, was the quickest car of 2012. Could Button and McLaren repeat the 2009 Brawn GP glory days? Will Hamilton’s exit make way for better focus for McLaren and will that focus be in good hands with Button?


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