Why the Kimi/Fernando pairing might work

With much of the talk about next year’s teaming of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, the press, rightfully so, have pondered just how well that combination might work. The verdicts have been from raging disaster to modest success but as AUTOSPORT points out, Alain Prost seems to think it may work well.

Prost was the center of a very famous combination between himself and the late Ayrton Senna and that, topically, didn’t seem to work well but Prost reckons differently. He also think Kimi’s character will be a key the success of the pairing:

“It should be easier because Kimi has a different character,” he said.

I’ve argued that Kimi’s apolitical view on Formula 1 will be much easier for Fernando and Ferrari to manage. His disengaged character will not be constantly pressing Alonso but it also won’t lend itself to moving over for Alonso either and that could be where the rub comes.

There was a nice interview by BBC right here that allows Kimi to tell, in his own words, what his motivation for re-joining Ferrari was and how he thinks the relationship will work.

Prost says that he and Senna placed the team first and that outcome is exactly what Ferrari are looking for so perhaps Kimi and Fernando will also place the overall goal of team first as the catalyst for who is supporting whom when the points lean one way or the other. The issue is, maybe Prost/Senna isn’t the best comparison. Is there another driver combination that more closely resembles what the Raikkonen/Alonso teaming might be? Who comes to mind for you?

The fire of Alonso and the ice of Raikkonen may just be a salt and pepper combination that Ferrari can manage and if so, it could very well represent the most daunting driver combination on the grid for 2014…that is if Ferrari get the car right.

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