Why was Webber not on the brakes?

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Sunday’s incident involving Red Bull’s Mark Webber prompted an immediate text message from our own Paul Charsley. Immediately after the spin, Paul sent me a text that read;

Paul: “Looks like his brakes stopped working otherwise he wouldn’t have flung back on the track. Poor Nico.”

Todd: “Yeah, that was odd he came back on the circuit. Any reason he wouldn’t be on the binders there?”

Paul: “No, unless he was trying to take Hamilton with him…”

Let it be known that you underestimate Paul Charsley at your own expense. He is usually, as a professional driver, on it every time! He calls things as only another driver could see them and I have never found any of his thoughts or advice in the slightest of error.

The paragon of virtuous F1 reporting, GMM, started a story today in which it quoted Gerhard Berger (on Austrian TV- Servus TV) as suggesting Webber was deliberate in his attempt to roll back on the circuit to take out Alonso or Hamilton…he got Nico instead. Gerhard was a Red Bull guy too!

Now, before I get hate mail from the Anti-GMM front of Britain (or the Cardinals of the GMM inquisition), let it be known that I am not sourcing them or even giving much credence to the claim although Racer Magazine did run the story and aren’t they owned by the juggernaut of Haymarket mania which also owns AUTOSPORT? Sweet baby Jesus in heaven, could an AUTOSPORT affiliate actually take a tip from GMM? OR is it dubiously the other way around and if so, where is the story on AUTOSPORT. AHHH…the world is coming to an end! My head hurts.

Anyway, bear with me here. The reason I mention this is to get us talking about the incident and not the source or veracity of the story. What I am more interested in is that Paul Charsley said the same thing. He was as intrigued by Webber’s lack of braking as Nico Rosberg was who posted a tweet on his Twitter account:

nico_rosberg Nico Rosberg
Sucks!Don’t understand why webber didn’t hit the brakes.Was crazy(evidently)2 roll back over the track.Now seoul+plane in morn.nice2get home

So Nico is befuddled as to why Webber didn’t hit the brakes and so was Paul immediately after the incident. Why do you think he rolled back on the circuit. If Racer Magazine’s story is true (and GMM’s as well), then three professional drivers are all stumped as to why Webber wasn’t on the brakes. One of those drivers is our own Paul Charsley so I have put it to him to get his thoughts. It will be interesting to see if anything more comes from this story but suffice to say, it was a bit odd. What’s your opinion on the matter?


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