Will Perez keep his seat or is Magnussen the man?

At first blush, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Sergio Perez has had the measure of teammate Jenson Button at McLaren but then the 30-point difference between them shed a dose of reality on why the young Mexican may be on his way out at the end of the season.

McLaren took a chance on Perez and he feels that he has a decent chance of remaining with the team in 2014 saying:

“I know what’s going to happen so in that respect, right now, I do not feel that bad pressure,” he said.

“For a racing driver, that can be the worst pressure you can have, to have doubts about your future and what’s going to happen.

“I am confident that whatever happens is the best for me.”

As for team boss Martin Whitmarsh, he has been very pointed in his commentary on the Mexican suggesting that he needs to beat his teammate. Perez answered by equaling the teams highest placing position with a 5th in India. He was able to best Button in Abu Dhabi with a 9th but team boss Whitmarsh called it a disappointing result.

It’s a harsh assessment given the recent performances of Button who seems to have resigned himself to looking toward 2014 while Perez is scrambling to make the 2013 chassis work as well as impress the bosses and keep his ride. That’s a tough situation given the car is arguably the worst McLaren has ever made. Can Perez be judged on a car that Button can’t hustle himself?

There are rumors that the team is keen to call up junior driver Kevin Magnussen who recently claimed the Formula Renault 3.5 Championship. Teams at the sharp end of the grid are trying to find rides for their junior drivers and McLaren are said to be looking at Marussia but some suggest the Dane is ready to make the jump to Formula 1 now.

As for Perez, there is a 30-point delta between he and his teammate but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure it is entirely fair to judge Sergio on a car that no one can make perform. Oddly, the team have discounted Nico Hulkenberg because he’s too tall and that’s a shame.

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