Will TV cameras avoid shots of Marussia in Australia?

An odd story out of ESPN today which suggests that Marussia still have yet to sign an agreement with Formula One Management on behalf of the commercial rights holders headed by Bernie Ecclestone.

The lack of a deal means that as of now, Marussia will not share in the TV revenue generated from the sport but that isn’t the biggest issue according to team boss John Booth. The biggest issue is that the TV camera will not be able to broadcast the Marussia car on television without an agreement. One might say that Marussia could simply be asked to stay away from Australia but then they were approved for the series by the FIA back in November or 2012. Booth said:

“No [it’s not vital for Marussia ahead of Australia],” he added. “It’s vital for Bernie because he won’t be able to film us without it.”

This could be the dictionary definition of the tail wagging the dog but Booth feels that Ecclestone and the team are very close to getting a deal done just ahead of the first grand prix of 2013:

“It’s getting pretty close now,” he said. “Nothing is signed yet, but it’s getting pretty close now.”

Close…very close. After all that wrangling to get a seat in Formula One and now Jules Bianchi’s mom might not be able to see him on TV…what a shame.

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