Will win calm things down at McLaren?

Ed Gorman at The Times suggested that the Lewis Camp have had some falling out with Ron Dennis and specifically our man Matt Bishop in the last few weeks.  Ed, rightfully so, has pointed out just why the Dad-as-manager scenario is not working.  This weekend Ron Dennis avoided the issue by denouncing the Gorman article.

So does this win calm things down or is it just the beginning of the Lewis Camp’s continuing saga of bad moves, bad PR and bad management?

It has also emerged that Anthony and, to a lesser extent, Lewis do not get on with key players at McLaren, among them Ron Dennis, the team principal, and Matt Bishop, the new head of communications. These broken relationships are going to be the source of increasing tension in the months and years ahead.

Ron said:

“That’s not worthy of comment, Everybody knows we are very close. I’ve always taken a personal interest in Lewis’ career, so those suggestions are without any foundation,”

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