Williams 1% away from winning, is Ferrari .5% then?

Last year Mercedes was the team to beat and Williams were as close as anyone in attempting to challenge the Silver Arrows. It was partly due to the Mercedes power unit in the back of their car that gave them the ability to do so.

This year, Mercedes is the team to beat but Williams isn’t quite as close to the Silver Arrows as they had hoped. In face, Ferrari have made more ground against Mercedes but fear not, Williams says they are only 1% away from beating the folks from Brackley as Pat Symonds says:

“I want to be winning – there is no point in doing anything else,” he said. “Where are we from winning? We are, in raw performance terms, about one percent off from where we need to be.

“Operationally we are still a little bit immature [too]. Mercedes have a pretty good team – not without mistakes as we have seen in Monaco – but under pressure mistakes can happen. We are not quite were I want us to be operation-wise.

“So all I want is over one percent more on raw performance – and a very slick operation.”

I’ll take his word for it as I agree that they are not quite there operationally as evidenced by some of their strategy calls this season but as for performance, they seem to be a little farther off than 1%. I suppose that’s all down to what numbers or metrics you’re using.

Then there is the stark reality of the new power unit Mercedes unleashed at Monza which clearly is more than 1% away from Ferrari who seem to be more poised as a serious contender to the Silver Arrows than Williams at this point. That’s not to say that when Williams get’s the new Merc engine they won’t leap-frog Ferrari though.

Hat Tip: Formula 1

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Technically they are .6084% away from wining if you use Monza’s times.


So the gap is narrowing already – go Williams!
I’ll bet in terms of bang for buck Williams are giving the rest of the grid a hiding, but how much would they have to spend to close that last 0.6084%?

Paul KieferJr

I think it’s more like Williams was 5% and Ferrari was 3%.


A pet peeve of mine is when people express percentages greater than 100, I know I’m just a bean counter but ‘let’s give it 130%’ kind of gets to me.

But I’m trying to think of how many percent away from winning McLaren are and 100 just doesn’t seem like a big enough number to express certain things….


LOL ;-) – I’d have to agree about McLaren.
Perhaps in their case they need to have at least 130% more power and reliability than they currently have