Williams driver: A woman will start a grand prix within 10 years

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A woman will be driving in Formula 1 races within the next 10 years, Williams development driver Susie Wolff says.

She made the pronouncement — which, since I haven’t seen a response yet from Bernie Ecclestone, makes me wonder if it perhaps finally killed off the old man — to the BBC:

“I believe it will happen sooner rather than later,” Wolff said. “Definitely within the next decade.

“There is prejudice in motorsport, but I think that is slowly changing and more females are coming through.

“It would just take a massive leap of faith for one of the teams to give a female a chance,” Wolff continued. “Many people within F1 would like to see it happen.

“Once the first female for some time gets into F1, then I think it will open up the possibilities for more to come through.”

Wolff is married to Toto Wolff — who may have the best name in the sport — but the BBC goes to lengths to explain how she earned her development seat.

She and Marussia test driver Maria de Villota are the “best chances” to get a race start, the BBC says.

Do you agree?

I have to think that with F1’s bias toward youth that it may be a driver none of us has heard of who takes advantage of the road Wolff and de Villota are now paving.

I also wonder whether the current “junior series” system works for or against girls — I think it is fair to call them that, as I’d say they are competing with boys — who dream of being on the grid in Monaco.

Does anyone think we’ll see another female driver in a race while Bernie is still in charge?


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