Williams F1, Petrobras…together again

This may be one of those “worst kept secrets” moments in Formula 1 but even as such, it’s nice to see Williams gain traction with a new partner in Petrobras. No doubt having a Mercedes power plant helped foster the relationship, Williams will gain a much needed partner in the fuel and lubricant side of the house.

Williams and Petrobras have had a history of technology collaboration dating back to 1998 when the team started using Petrobras’ fuel for the first time in a partnership which lasted for 11 years. Petrobras is a Brazilian company specializing in energy production through deepwater oil and gas exploration and production.

Petrobras President Maria das Graças Silva Foster celebrated the return of the company to a Formula One team by saying:

“We are very happy to be going back to the biggest motorsport competition in the world. During the 11 years that Williams was by our side we made significant advances in product development, such as Podium gasoline. Participating in this competition is a huge challenge, since it requires us to always be ready to meet the highest standards for quality and efficiency demanded by the category. We are very excited to start this new challenge.”

Speaking about the new partnership Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal of Williams, said:

“Petrobras and Williams have had a successful partnership before and we are both looking forward to reuniting for 2014. Technologically they are very strong and that will be important for the team as the new regulations have made fuel efficiency increasingly important. They are also a very ambitious global company and we are looking forward to working together to further their marketing goals.”

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