Williams Files Complaint Regarding Prodrive Entry In 2008


ITV is reporting that the FIA will meet to discuss the Williams complaint about Prodrive’s entry into F1 with a Customer Chassis. This further foments the discussion of customer cars versus constructors. Spyker, who is challenging STR on their chassis, sets the example that a car purchased from another manufacturer should not be allowed to win “constructors” points.

Do they have a point? If DR is running a Mercedes lump and a McLaren Chassis next year; is it really a Prodrive car? I always thought that re-labeling the Ferrari lump as a Petronas Sauber engine was going to start a big row.

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Super Best Friends will be watching this one very closely and cheering for Prodrive… cause without a Honda chassis, they don’t have a car.


Ah you mean without last years honda chassis they don’t have a car… if they get this years honda chassis they might as well not have a car.