Williams FW35 crashes into existence

The first critical step for Williams F1 is completed. The Fw35 has passed the FIA crash test and is now ready for its debut in Barcelona on February 19th. It’s a good sign and one in which no one doubted the outcome, after all, Williams F1 is a fabulous team and know what they are doing.

Williams driver Pastor Maldonado told AUTOSPORT:

“It’s a step,” Maldonado said. “We try to look at every single component, everything.

“But all the cars look very similar to last year because the rules are the same.

“It’s a small improvement all round the car and we are quite confident that it will be very competitive this year, even better than the previous one.”

Williams were blessed with a resurgent year in 2012 and in the hands of Maldonado, the FW34 was a quick car. The desire for Williams F1 fans and the team is to see the resurgence continue and the team get back to where it is used to competing… at the front of the grid. If Williams gets the details right, they could see a further advancement based on the evolution of the Fw35. Maldonado has pace, there is little doubting that, but if he can keep his nose clean (no pun intended), then they may do well.

Williams F1 suffered from the lack of points from crashes and poor results that betrayed the true pace of the FW34 and if the team have made the right choice in drivers, they should eclipse their championship points haul from last year.

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