Williams has ‘serious’ potential investors

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I’m not a Delphic Oracle but I’ve been saying for the past several years that Williams F1 needs to make a management change and shake up the operation. There is a rich history at that team but now there seems to be a residue of a rich history and a shadow of the leadership and character of that team when looking at it from the outside.

I’ve nothing against anyone at that team but when things continue to sink, you have to make changes. After years of taking incoming for my position on this matter, I am somewhat relieved to see Formula 1’s Ross Brawn suggest the same thing.

“The reality is that F1 is pretty brutal, and you’re measured every two weeks on the track, or every week as will be the case in the next few months.

“There’s no hiding place. Quite honestly, if you finish last, as they have for the last few years, there’s going to be a consequence. And now unfortunately they’ve reached that point.

“Whoever goes in there needs to look at the fundamental reasons why they’ve not been able to perform, and whether it is just finance, or the structure they’ve got, or the approach they’ve taken. I honestly don’t know.

“But it needs that understanding. It may just be financial, and with extra financial support they can be more competitive, and it needs someone to go in there and try to understand what’s going on.”

He’s right, if there is a new buyer/investor for Williams F1, they will need to make serious changes. This is good for the team and Ross says there are some serious investors looking at Williams.

Two British stalwarts in the world of Formula 1, McLaren and Williams, are both on the ropes and looking for investors. In the case of McLaren, I think they did make the hard choices and changes but ran out of time and this COVID-19 lunacy hasn’t helped. For Williams, it’s a different issue. They haven’t made the needed changes yet and it will take some radical moves and pain to get the ship righted.

I love both teams and there are fabulous people who work at both so let’s hope that McLaren can find some investment dollars from their Middle East sovereign fund to keep them going and that Williams can find a buyer/investor who will revers their fortunes.

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Simon Hallows

I just can’t see who would want to fund an F1 team in today’s climate. I see tech firms with cash and traditional firms those wanting to sell green credentials going to FE. (I know F1 has most efficient ICE but who they’re marketing too don’t). Perhaps Stroll senior has some mates with a few quid. Or perhaps a Chinese car company we’ve never heard of will want to dip a toe. McLaren I am convinced will be fine, as soon as they can start to ship cars again, they have wealthy backers and they’ve made changes as you already… Read more »


Could it be that the change they need is basically change the family name? Nothing personal, but the two stalwarts in that team, Sir Frank and Claire, have gotten it wrong and they’re rather stubborn. It may be time to procedurally remove them from the picture. Sir Frank and Claire have had their moments, but that time is past. It’s time for some new blood to come into the team.