Williams in surprise move


In an article published in The Times; Sir Frank Williams has decided not to sign the GPMA agreement. As a lynch pin, Williams has decided to avoid confrontation and seek an amiable deal which Mr. Ecclestone is apparently willing to offer. THere is no conformation that they have signed an FOM agreement yet.

“It is correct to say that Williams is not yet a signatory to the (GPMA) agreement, but we do not consider it appropriate to discuss the reasons for this at the moment,” said Williams.
“We will continue to work for a resolution that is in the best interests of both Formula One in general, and Williams too, in a non-confrontational manner.”

Bernie was also quoted as saying; “They know what is on the table and they know I mean it. If you sell something at Harrods, it doesn’t mean you want to own the store with all the risks and overheads.
“That is what these people in the GPMA want, but the Formula One brand has been running for more than 50 years and we have been running things very well for 30 years, taking the risks and giving them plenty of money. “It is up to them to decide if they can do a better job and take that risk.”

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