Williams launch FW45 for 2023 F1 season

Williams launched their new FW45 for the 2023 Formula season. The new livery was nice against a new matte finish in blue and the car looked very good in that finish and with new sponsors.

It was a muted affair with no hype and pre-recorded with Will Buxton hosting. The launch featured some insight to new American driver, Logan Sargeant, and Alex Albon.

While it wasn’t live and was relatively short, I thought the driver interviews were good and even hearing from the Williams stable of drivers in their junior programs was a nice touch too.

If I’m honest, I think some comments from James Vowles would have been good as well as the owners and maybe even Gulf to discuss their sponsorship. Oh well, at least Stefano didn’t leave them hanging.

Williams Release:

Williams Racing is proud to reveal the livery that will adorn the FW45, the team’s new challenger for the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship season.
We are also thrilled to showcase major partners, with Gulf Oil, Stephens, Michelob ULTRA and PureStream joining the team from the 2023 season.
The 2023 livery design is an evolution of the FW44, retaining the brand visual cues which features a contrasting diamond shape and flashes of red and blue, embodying the exciting new era of Williams Racing.
This year’s design features a colour finish change to matte, providing a stronger on track visual.
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I agree, a good launch.
Now, here’s a question I passed on to a friend designing aircraft at Lockheed… does matte paint help or interrupt airflow over the car?
The answer: At slow speeds (under 500mph), matte paint surfaces can be used to disrupt laminar airflow to cancel stall vortexes on training edges of wings.
Anyone out there understand why this helps Red Bull and Williams?


“This year’s design features a colour finish change to matte, providing a stronger on track visual.” that reminds me of Penski Indy car with Marlboro livery, was painted a kind of hot pink. Reason was so it would look red on TV