Williams: Legal ‘cost-cut’ document and FOTA reinstatement

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Williams F1 CEO Adam Parr is looking for a quick, legal document to be produced that explains in detail the cost-cutting measures that FOTA and the FIA have agreed to according to the Telegraph. It is understandable from Adam’s position as they broke ranks with FOTA due to “legal obligations” that prevented them from filing a conditional application for entry in the 2010 season. The budget cap concept, as proffered by Max Mosley and disdained by FOTA, has always been something that Williams F1 has supported. In their own best interest, reducing costs adds to their longevity and health in a fallen economy. But Mr. Parr says that while an agreement was made, a formal document must quickly be developed so there is nothing forgot or wiggle room for changes.

It is understood, per Mr. Parr’s comments, that there exists a FOTA document called the Resource Restriction Agreement and he spent time last weekend perusing the document.

“We recognise that FOTA is committed to its own approach,” Parr said. “This is not a moment to say ‘It’s my way or the highway’. But what we did [at Silverstone] was look at FOTA’s Resource Restriction Agreement and put forward some changes. Not change the substance, just tidy it up.

“The agreement between the teams to restrict costs must be legally enforceable. There is a clear precedent on this with aerodynamic restrictions, factory shutdown restrictions, testing restrictions, gearbox restrictions… we must now work out how the Resource Restriction Agreement would look.

“It needs to be done reasonably quickly – especially for the sake of the new teams but also for a company like Williams. But it looks promising.”

Parr also said that Williams F1 would like to be allowed back in to FOTA and that the new teams should be represented as well. I am sure this will eventually happen but are there any hard feelings amongst FOTA members about Force India or Williams F1 breaking ranks with FOTA only to come back after FOTA put their neck on the line and changed the face of F1 fo the betterment of the teams? Perception could be that the they did not want any of the risk so why do they deserve the upside of the spoils of war?

That’s all conjecture at this part but I have seen several posts to that affect from fans. More likely the two teams, Williams F1 and Force India, did have legal obligations signed that they would participate in the FIA Formula 1 Championship through a certain date or sponsors could pull out or even a contractual obligation to the FIA or FOM of participation. Those nuances most likely exist and could be understandable motivation for their departure from FOTA.

“We would love to be back in FOTA,” he said. “There’s no reason why we couldn’t re-join. There have been talks going on behind the scenes. We hope we can move forward together.”

So what do you think? Should Williams be allowed back in to FOTA? Force India? Should they have full disclosure with FOTA to show why they left to determine if FOTA should allow them back in? What’s your opinion on the matter? AS for the new teams, I do believe they should be included but what are your thoughts?


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