Williams not selling

There has been much speculation in our forums as to Williams future as the team has slid farther to the back of the grid in recent years.The speculation is that the team will be sold to a manufacturer sooner than later.  According to Sir Frank Williams, team owner, it will be later than sooner.

Int eh next few years, we will not sell.  We would sell no more than shares, the name Williams is staying in Formula One

Williams secured the services of a very promising young driver in Nico Rosberg as well as secured a engine agreement with Toyota while solidifying that agreement with young Kazuki Nakajima’s services.  With these elements in place, the team seemed poised to rise to its pre-Schumacher glory but sadly that hasn’t been a reality for the past 10 years.

Is Williams beyond its sell-by-date?  Should Sir Frank and co-owner Patrick Head consider the road of peers like Ron Dennis has taken?  Ron has sold a lot of his interest to a Bahrain investment group as well as Mercedes Benz.  No matter the outcome, I will always be a Williams fan because like life, F1 has its few luminaries whom are beyond reproach and an example of what is best in men.  Sir Frank embodies that.

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