Williams secure Mercedes engines through 2025

Williams F1 announced that it has inked a contract extension with Mercedes until 2025. The struggling Formula 1 team have been using Mercedes Power Units since 2014 and the contract was set to expire in 2020.

Having one of, if not the, best engine on the grid is a major security blanket and unfortunately Williams haven’t been able to make the best use of that power since 2014. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says the deal shows resilience.

“That has only served to demonstrate their resilience and strength of character as they battle back to where they belong on the grid,” said the Austrian, who was previously a shareholder in Williams.

“I am certain that the outlook for independent teams is bright under the financial regulations that will be introduced from 2021 and we are delighted to continue our partnership with Williams into that new era of our sport.”

Speaking of a more equitable prize money distribution scheme as well as cost-caps in 2021, Wolff alludes to Williams doing better with lower costs and more revenue.

What I find interesting is that we now know Mercedes will be in Formula 1 until at least 2025 and at the very least, as an engine supplier. It would also suggest that whatever changes to the engine format F1’s Ross Brawn was planning, are acceptable to Mercedes and that tells me there is little change to the current turbo hybrid power unit.


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