Williams still working on KERS debut?

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The amazing thing to me is that F1-Live is still using GMM as their main source for F1 news. Not that I am trying to kick the stuffing out of GMM because they work hard over there. Although one could argue that they work hard at making things up but I would not be prepared to say that as I have axe to grind with the GMM folks…same can not be said about some of our peers however.

So F1-Live says that Williams F1 is still working on their KERS unit for a debut:

“We still have a team of people working on KERS, but I don’t want to put a date on when we’ll run it for the first time,” said Michael.

Now color me reactionary but I am not sure why a team with a limited budget would still be toiling away on Max Mosley Pandora’s Box. One could presume it is because Williams, like all other teams, have grown weary of getting the crap kicked out of them at the start of the race by Lewis Hamilton or the KERS Kid.

If there were any reason at all to actually continue KERS development, as it was announced by FOTA members to be something not included int he 2010 season, I can only presume it is to create a launch button for the start of the races. The next 7 races that is. Odd. Very odd.

Does Williams F1 know something we don’t? Are they going to use KERS next year? Maybe they said “no” to Ferrari’s notion of having KERS banned for 2010? Maybe they felt KERS was a money pit they couldn’t ignore…like looking off a cliff and having that urge to jump. Maybe they want to show BMW that you can actually spend millions on a Mosley cock up and survive without leaving F1.

Hey, at this point you have to admire a team like Williams F1…at least they aren’t leaving the series and they have/are spending a fortune on a “radical” flywheel design KERS unit. BMW have no excuse.


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