Williams & Toyota Diffusers cleared

The FIA, via Max Mosley, has announced that the “clever” diffuser design from Toyota and Williams F1 are ok from the FIA’s perspective. The story is from those magnificent bastards (MB’s) at Autosport.

Mosley says, however, that the FIA has seen nothing illegal about the “clever” design, although he admitted a protest could not be ruled out during the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

“It will always happen when you have got new regulations,” Mosley told selected reporters on Thursday.

“The current FIA view is that Williams and Toyota have been clever and have exploited the wording of the rules in a clever way. But somebody may challenge it and the stewards may take a different view – it could happen.

“It is a curious idea in a way – where you are not allowed two surfaces, you have a surface and then something that is not a surface because it is unsprung. The view on our technical people is that it is okay, we will wait and see if someone challenges it.”

So the FIA think that Toyota and Williams have “exploited” the regulation wording but it is okay? BUT…the Stewards may see it differently? ARe not the stewards following the FIA’s lead on regulations definitions and if not, then shouldn’t the FIA determine prior to racing that the “exploitation” is within the regulations so there are not post race DQ’s affecting the outcome of races? What is this? Why is this so difficult to reign in? Why would you verbaly approve something only to suggest that Stewards at any race could determine it is not.

Honestly, I think Max never made it out of that basement in Chelsea and actually the Magic 8-ball has taken over the FIA. This just seems antithetical to racing and a governing bodies role in the sport. Could we not have a definitive regulation and clarification? And Max himself admits that this only happens because of regulation changes…something he has done with such frequency as to de-laminate the entire sport for the last 10 years.

Dear Max…just stop it!

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