Williams upgrades may work…if they stop falling off

It’s been a difficult season for Williams and even the returning Robert Kubica couldn’t help the team rise above their poor season last year. Running dead last, Williams brought new upgrades to the German Grand Prix this weekend but in what seems to be indicative of their season, those parts were falling off the car according to Kubica.

“We didn’t have an easy day – [I was] compromised already on the installation lap,” said Kubica, when asked by Autosport whether the new parts felt like a step forward.

“We’ll have to revise everything and fix some parts in order that they stay attached to the car.

“It’s the second weekend in a row that something is breaking down.

“When you leave the garage and already on the installation lap you are, let’s say, compromised… It’s very important for us to do our programme which we set up.

“Unfortunately we were influenced by this [issue] straight away, so it wasn’t an easy day.” He added: “We hope we can fix it.

“We were a bit too fragile, that’s how it is, so we have to make sure everything will stay attached to the car, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.”

Bringing too-fragile upgrades isn’t going to help anyone and certainly Williams is not a team who can afford to be doing rework in the aero department. It’s a shame that the team is unable to make significant progress this year but let’s hope after gluing the parts back on, they can find some increased performance this weekend.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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