Williams will break ranks and race!


According to Malcom Folley at the Daily, Sir Frank Williams will break ranks with FOTA and race should the teams not be able to reach an agreement with the FIA’s Max Mosley.

Sir Frank Williams will break ranks and enter Formula One’s 2010 world championship — even if rival teams have failed to finalise a compromise deal with FIA president Max Mosley over the proposed £40 million budget cap for next year.

Malcom also suggests that Brawn GP and Force India will also break ranks and race as well. This is not a shock as these teams have one reason for existing…racing. There is no other source of income or reason to breathe oxygen if they are not racing. I get it. But they would do well to also remember that Martin Whitmarsh’s words when he said that there are probably three teams in FOTA who wouldn’t even be on the grid this year if it were not for the large teams and FOTA. Now that only goes so far but at least It hink they could afford some time and support until the absolute last minute before jumping ship and I suggest that suggesting they’ll fold like a cheap lawn chair to the press anytime asked is not doing anyone any good. Shut it! Play along until your eating Macaroni and cheese every night, then think about jumping ship. Just saying…

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