Windsor goads Raikkonen on Team Orders

After enduring a Lewis apologetic moment around lap 20 of the American broadcast of the Chinese Grand Prix by Peter Windsor and David Hobbs, I thought I had survived the morning. That was before the Hobbsian theory of sarcasm began skewering Ferrari for Kimi’s allowance of Felipe Massa’s pass to secure Massa two additional points heading in to Brazil. Peter and David waxed poetic about no team orders and how Ferrari were initiating them. David even made fun of the pass and patronized Ferrari and its fans for something McLaren, while claiming otherwise, clearly does as well. It had been a part of F1 for time immemorial and only Steve Matchett had the clarity to defend the Ferrari move as just part of a team sport. Steve, rightfully, skewered the FIA for even having the regulation in the first place.

Is there any question that Heikki’s letting Lewis past him at Hockenheim just may have helped secure the title should Lewis be victorious in Brazil? I know, “but its the rule and Kimi broke it”. Well, so did Heikki and Lewis so who wants to dock Lewis the points? Ferrari just didn’t lie about it. Give it a rest.

Even more egregious was Peter Windsor’s goading (both questions for Kimi’s segment were about ‘team orders’ and the pass Felipe made on him) of Kimi during the post-race press conference. It was a specious and dubious act on behalf of Peter and I have really lost respect for the man who has always held a coveted place on my mental mantel as a gentleman and scholar of the sport. If McLaren has an issue with the pass then they can lodge a complaint but to try and press Kimi into admitting, which he effectively did, that it was team orders to stir the Stewards or FIA or McLaren fans into outrage is just base behavior. I do not recall a similar inquisition of Lewis when Heikki let him pass with ease in Hockenheim.

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