Wine and Cheese Special | Podcast Ep 814

Join Paul, Grace and me for the long-promised, infamous Wine & Cheese podcast. Yes, we briefly discuss last week’s F1 new but then the podcast turns into the episode we’d been promising for so long. A podcast that is intended as a “get to know us” and a “wine & cheese” show. If you are looking for just pure F1 news, skip this episode.

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A stuffed haggis on display at Glasgow Airport


What wine would you serve with it?


When you asked about a favorite cheese, I was going to say New York Sharp Cheddar before any of you answered. I few up in New York State and I prefer their sharp cheddar over Vermont cheddar or others.

A close second would be Buffalo Mozzarella. I’ve had that in Italy and it’s great as an appetizer with some olive oil and served with slices of baguette and some fresh bruschetta.

Mike Smith

This podcast was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed hearing about your connection to “It’s A Wonderful Life”, also my personal favorite. Although, we did get a new puppy right before Christmas and have named her “Jovie”, so Elf is a close second in our house.

Thanks again for putting on this show and Happy New Year!!