‘Winner-takes-all’ system back on for 2010 F1

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FIA Mosley
The FIA usually release the regulations on their website and the 2010 set of regulations is no exception. As stated on their site, there is a standard copy and then a copy that has pink highlighting for the parts that have been altered from the 2009 set of regulations.

That’s actually very nice of them to make it easy to see what changes they have made so the average fan or journalist doesn’t have to read the entire set of regulations to find the parts they have changed. Except it is only a good thing when they actually highlight all of the parts they changed instead of just some. It seems they have ushered in the “winner-takes-all” system that was still-born at the beginning of this season. This notion was originally proffered by Bernie Ecclestone as am Olympic-style “gold Medal” system in which the team that has the most gold medal at the end of the season wins the title. The FIA tempered the idea and removed the notion of actually recieving medals instead of trophy’s but did stay witht he most wins calculation for the champion. This was met with fierce oposition by the teams and fans alike and it was quickly swept under the rug with Max and Bernie seemingly blaming each other and then ultimately the teams for the misunderstanding. Now, it seems, Max has yet again lobbed a negotiating frag grenade in to the room and it not only contains budget cap parameters but the abysmal “Most-wins-wins” system.

FOR THE LOVE OF RACING…JUST STOP IT!!! ARE YOU AN INFANT? THE ENTIRE WORLD TOLD YOU IN MARCH THAT THIS WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA! Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I find it the height of patronization to fail to highlight this and attempt to usher this in for 2010. The FIA’s surreptitious actions are just wearing so thin on me as a fan I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the series. I honestly feel like I am watching a bad episode of Romper Room with these two jokers. I am unclear if it is just senility that is skewing their logic or if old age has seriously impaired their ability to govern but this is just insane. My hunch? The FIA will release an apology as section 6.2 was supposed to be highlighted but wasn’t..it was a mere oversight on their part. Sure it was.


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