Worst news ever? Top Gear to be more serious

I can only imagine that Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley are somehow behind this horrible, horrible, tragically horrible news.

Apparently the next season of Top Gear, which will hit the British airwaves Sunday (and illegal American computers soon after), is going to be more serious.

That is, according to the serious member of the trio of Top Gear hosts, James “Captain Slow” May.

So here’s hoping he’s either a. joking on purpose or 2. out of the loop and Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are going to play the mother of all jokes on him.

(Given the whole series is probably already been taped, I fear it may be c. he’s telling the truth.)

This. Is. Not. Good.

From the Telegraph, here’s May:

“The keen observer will see a subtle change this series, a slight retreat from the Last of the Summer Wine tomfoolery. It’s easy to get carried away – it’s like drinking, you start to believe you’re funny and other people might not,” May told the Radio Times.

“I don’t think anybody would say a TV programme has got too big – everybody wants their programme to be the biggest in the world. But it opens you to accusations of dumbing down, all that sort of stuff. It possibly makes it more difficult.”

And I thought the worst thing that was going to happen was Top Gear USA.

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