Would you sign Perez for 2014?

McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh says that the lack of a decision on their drivers for 2014 always prompts spurious stories and AUTOSPORT has him chilling on the question of Sergio Perez:

“There is no hurry,” explained Whitmarsh. “I had said all along that let’s let a few races go by, and let’s have a chat. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

“There is no tearing rush at the moment to do this. I know it becomes a story and lots more spurious stories stem from it, but there is no hurry for it.”

When I say chilling, I mean sitting back and having a cool one while the driver market swirl around him. I mean…he sounds as if he’s swaying gently back and forth in a hammock for two at this point. So is Perez just kickin’ it at Woking and they simply need a quick chat to get on board for 2014? Spurious my arse Mr. Whitmarsh. You are pure genius and you know exactly what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

McLaren, rightfully, are making big moves both technically and I believe with their drivers. That could be sticking with Perez but this team is not beyond making plays for top-shelf drivers such as Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso or others. Look, Perez was a young guy to fill Lewis Hamilton’s spot. They had a veteran in Jenson Button but so far, Checo—as Perez is affectionately called—is doing ok but not Hamilton-esque.

The question is…would you sign Checo for 2014 if you were Martin? Has he done enough to keep the seat or is there someone else you’d be making a play for? Before you say Hulkenberg, remember that Whitmarsh poo poo’d that idea by claiming the German is tool long and too heavy for a slipstreaming, slim Panatella like McLaren.

So who’s left? Who would be on your “list” of people to call? Or is Perez the man you’d keep?

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