Wurz drives Medical Car

That Alex Wurz! Not only is he a funny guy and great interview but he also stand in for sick Medical Car drivers. I like Alex, wish he was still driving.

Alex Wurz stepped into an important role at the Singapore grand prix this weekend.

The 34-year-old Austrian may have hung up his racing helmet last year, but he still attends all the formula one events as Honda’s test and reserve driver.

When the FIA’s usual medical car driver fell ill on the eve of F1’s first ever night race on Friday, Wurz was asked to step into the drivers’ seat of the Mercedes C63 AMG Estate.

It is understood Wurz was recommended for the substitute role by the full-time safety car driver Bernd Maylander.

“I know all the drivers but especially Alex from old formula Ford days. Our friendship has stayed and we still talk a lot,” Maylander said.

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