Wurz: From driver to team boss

Alex Wurz is an F1B favorite and there is no secret that Grace and I are two of his bigger fans. Imagine our delight to know that Alex Wurz and Austrian financier, Christian Baha, are starting a team called Superfund and Alex is slated to lead the team in its F1 aspirations. Details are not overwhelming at this point but the team is looking for space and other resources to rent. The MB’s at Autosport suggest the team has the dosh to start from scratch if need be but they would prefer some economies of scale, hence their commitment to the Cosworth engine program.

So the Superfund tycoon has an extra $100MM rattling around in the truck of his 7-Series and Alex has agreed spend it. Good for them. Prodrive, Lola, USF1, Litespeed and now Superfund. Let us hope it is not a Super letdown because we like Wurz and it will be great to see him on the wall calling the shots. Look out brawn, the mad Austrian is in the house!

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