Yes! Ferrari’s Horse Whisperer responds to Vettel rumors

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It’s a good day to be alive. We have a new Horse Whisperer from Ferrari. All based on this wee little story.

As always, this stuff is too good not to give you in full. The title is “From one extreme to the other.”

It has been a highly entertaining day for the Horse Whisperer. To see that you really need nothing at all – the flutter of a butterfly’s wings could be more significant – to change the media’s ideas on any debate about Ferrari, in particular when it comes to its drivers, has been the source of great enjoyment and has kept the Horse Whisperer company on a day of reflection after the grand prix.

All that was required was for an English website to ‘fire off’ the news of a presumed agreement between Vettel and the Scuderia – however inexistent – to unleash the fantasies both of fans and other writers on the web. At the same time, President Montezemolo was talking on a popular radio broadcast, unaware of the explosion of bytes on the internet. He again put off all discussion about who might drive alongside Fernando Alonso in 2014 – after all, given that we don’t yet know who will have that role in 2013 there is not much sense in talking about the long-term future.

Then, replying to a further question, he again underlined what the Ferrari philosophy is: you never put two roosters in the same henhouse. Instead Ferrari only takes on drivers who put the interests of the team above their own, citing the examples of driver pairings who have served in Red over the last 15 years and who have always gone along with that general principle. This phrase was immediately picked up by a wide range of sources, many of whom were exactly the same ones who had just written the precise opposite, as the denial of a possible partnership – which remains completely hypothetical, better to stress that before someone takes advantage of the poor Horse Whisperer – made up of Alonso and Vettel. It’s a pity that Montezemolo had simply stated a principle, nothing more, nothing less. At Ferrari there will be room for anyone who demonstrates they have the talent to drive a scarlet car and to work in harmony both with and for the team. This is what convinces a driver and a man with the personality of Fernando Alonso that the Maranello team is the best of all… and he is someone who has spent time at his fair share of top teams.

You see how you don’t need anything to go from one extreme to the other? Reflect, people, reflect…

There is so much to enjoy: “an English wesbite” aka the BBC; two roosters; the denial of something that doesn’t exist; the Horse Whisperer’s possibly being taken advantage of; reflection.

Someone with enough time on his / her hands needs to study the rumors that the Horse Whisperer responds to and determine how often they are true. Or find whatever other commonalities exist.


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