Yes, this is an excuse to run our favorite Fisichella photo


As always, thanks to Force India for having the foresight to produce this photo of Giancarlo Fisichella. It makes me happy every time.

And for once I have some Giancarlo news that makes posting the photo not a complete non-sequitur. Apparently, Fisi got behind the wheel of a Fiat 500 — I know, a Fiat 500 — as part of an endurance race that benefited the fight against “muscular dystrophy and genetic illness.”

That, according to the latest news from Ferrari.

I’ll point to to that post because it represents yet another mind-boggling Ferrari bit of PR. Honestly, I have about a 23% grasp of the post. Some of the terrifically head-scratching items:

  • ‘the seventh “24 Ore per Telethon,” the usual motoring competition’ — oh, right, the “usual” motoring competition, as opposed to that unusual one I am so familiar with;
  • ‘Thirty teams made up of six to eight drivers tackled an endurance race, which was reckoned to be one of the most spectacular ever seen on an Italian circuit.’ — Yes, I’m certain this race far eclipsed anything ever run at Monza or that little race I like to call the “Mille Miglia.”
  • ‘Also in the crew captained by the Roman, who is the reserve driver for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, was Eugene Kaspersky from the eponymous sponsor of the team from Maranello.’ — OK, I’ll admit it. I had to search for Kaspersky. It is a “supplier,” according to Ferrari’s own website, of anti-virus software. How that translates into “eponymous sponsor” only Luca di Montezemolo could tell you.

But the big news is Fisi’s team took first in class and fourth overall in the fundraising race.

Perhaps Ferrari should think about selling calendars, too, to raise some more charitable dollars.

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